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Everything you've always wanted to know about Mister Moustache without asking for it !

design skills

My passion for Art led me to learn different creative software.
To expand and improve my general skills I also like to learn new technologies and software.

Software (master skill) :
  - Adobe Photoshop
  - Adobe Illustrator
  - Adobe Flash (unfortunately useless)
  - Blender
  - Unity 3D

Software (basic skill) :
  - Adobe Premiere
  - Adobe After Effects
  - Autodesk Maya
  - 3DS Max

Web programming :
  - HTML5/CSS3
  - Bootstraps
  - jQuery

CMS Web :
  - Wordpress
  - Joomla
  - Magento
  - Drupal (basic knowledge)

mister moustache

mister moustache

Anthony Babin AKA Mister Moustache
IT Project Manager – designer & illustrator .
Child I had three passions: skateboarding, sketching and computer dev. The skate has remained a passion that I continue to satisfy. This sport has brought to me a lifestyle. Drawing and computers were omnipresent throughout my schooling (DNAT at EESI).

I am able to work in several fields and I worked as Art director during 2,5 years. During the last 10 years I was employed as an IT engineer, support team manager, IT project manager and as well as IT/WEB consultant.

Type of project : CRM / ERP / BPM / CMS

development skills

My professional experiences and training brought to me multiple skills in project and team management.
Obviously I learned a lot of development languages to execute efficiently my job and to reach goals.

Development languages (master skill) :
  - Lotusscript
  - Xpages
  - Javascript
  - C#

Development languages (basic skill) :
  - JAVA
  - .Net
  - ASP

Software :
  - Lotus Notes / Lotus designer / Lotus Domino
  - Eclipse
  - Visual Studio 2015

Methodologies & management Tools :
  - Kanban
  - JIRA

keep in tOuch

I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Details

  • +41 (0)77 520 28 79