and I

Anthony Babin aka Mister Moustache.

Child I had three passions: skateboarding, sketching and computer dev.
The skate has remained a passion that I continue to satisfy with my son.
This sport has brought to me a lifestyle.
Drawing and development were omnipresent throughout my schooling (DNAT at EESI).

Creation Skills

I am able to work in several fields and I worked as Art director during 2,5 years.
During the last 12 years I was employed as an IT engineer, support team manager, IT project manager
and as well as IT/WEB consultant, graphic designer
and UX/UI designer.

Development Skills


  1. E.E.S.I ( Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l'Image )

    1997 to 2000

    3 years of graphism, 3D modeling and animation - Degree : DNAT ( National Degree of Art and Technic )

  2. HAPPY technology

    Feb to Mar - 2002

    OOP methodology formal training.

  3. HAPPY technology

    Mar to May - 2002

    Javascript, PHP & MySql formal training.

  4. Altran

    Jul 2017

    InDesign formal training.